We did it!


Late last night we reached our $100,000 minimum goal by July 31st!

From the bottom of all of our hearts thank you for your commitment both monetarily and in so many other ways to give Whaleback the tools it needs to remain an asset to this community.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Grand Opening of the West Side Learning and Training area, hopefully in Mid-December! We will periodically be sending out newsletters as well with project status updates. Our next stop is with the Tramway Board this month with our application for the T-Bar installation.

-The Whaleback Crew

Cathy Bean - Enfield, NH
Willy Black - Hanover, NH
Norm Berman - Meriden, NH
Rob Calhoun - Brownsville, VT
Laura Dykstra - Lebanon, NH
Kris Graham - Norwich, VT
Brad Hastings - Grafton, NH
Nicole Hall Hewett - Meriden, NH
William Malcolm - Lyme, NH
Cornelia Purcell - Hanover, NH
John Schiffman - Hanover, NH
Robert West - Enfield, NH


Thank you sponsors

Host your event in the whale Pub!

Parties of all kinds, reunions, weddings, you name it, we've done it! Give us a call or shoot us an email and let us help you with your next event! 


Exit 16, I-89 Enfield, NH


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