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GENERAL INFO for 2017-2018:

Team fee is $600 (This fee includes lift tickets for all of the race nights)

The sign up procedure is as follow:

1. Pay for your team

2. Register your team

*New for 2017-2018*: Racers will own their bibs - if you sign up by 12/1 we will have your team name printed on them! You will be responsible for them throughout the season and lost bibs will need to be replaced at cost. At the end of the season, you take your bib home and bring it back when you (hopefully!) return next year to race again. If you don't return, it will be a reminder of what you're missing!

SCHEDULE: Time trials will be held January 4 (Thurs). Racing begins January 11 and concludes March 8. There is no Race League President’s week.

The Whaleback Adult Race League is a series of dual slalom competitions, open to skiers & riders. We have A, B, C and Tuck Leagues depending upon the speed of your team. The racing begins at 7pm.

Teams made up of four people will race each week (one member must be a member of the opposite sex). If you do not have a member of the opposite sex, your team will have a 4 second penalty. If a member of your team is unable to make it, a substitute may be used. The race is run as a dual with two teams competing against each other each week. Each team has the opportunity to accumulate a maximum of 10 points per night (winning each race and having the fastest male/female times). Prizes are awarded weekly thanks to tremendous support from our Sponsors.

Review of Basic League Rules

  • Teams will be made up of 4 people with at least one member being of the opposite sex.
  • No refunds if a person/team drops out of the league or misses a night.
  • Racers may inspect the course prior to the start by going down along the side of the course or by side slipping the course.
  • Whaleback Mountain has the authority to disqualify an individual or a team for infractions. In the event of a disqualification, that person’s or team’s score will not count.
  • If you miss your start time… sorry no points for you.