West Side Project - Expanded Learning and Training


  • Lower Mountain snowmaking loop has been completed – testing soon.
  • All T-bar parts have been delivered, anticipate approval of Tramway board in September for installation thereafter.
  • Learning area has been regraded and Tramway board has approved the move/retrofit of Magic Carpet and Tow lifts. Tow lift will be fitted with handle/platters for easier use.
  • Plan to lease 2 Demarc-Lenko Titan 2 fan guns and purchase 10 HKD Impulse Low E air/water guns for this season to increase output in marginal temperatures.  



From the bottom of all of our hearts thank you for your commitment both monetarily and in so many other ways to give Whaleback the tools it needs to remain an asset to this community.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Grand Opening of the West Side Learning and Training area, hopefully in Mid-December! We will periodically be sending out newsletters as well with project status updates. Our next stop is with the Tramway Board this month with our application for the T-Bar installation.


As you know, the 2015–2016 winter was a particularly challenging one for northeastern ski areas. Thanks to your contributions of time, money, work, and resources, along with revenue from season passes, programs and lift ticket sales, Whaleback was able to stay afloat in our non-profit business model. This is a place where you count.

What we learned from this winter is that we need a fallback plan for when El Niño comes again, or whenever we have limited snowmaking weather. We need to be able to make snow on a reduced amount of acreage, using our existing snowmaking, in marginal conditions, in a short amount of time so that we can guarantee something will be open for our community, our after-school programs, our race groups, our camps and lessons. We also want to get you gliding, sliding, carving and whooshing your way down Whaleback starting earlier in December, not January!

2016 Summer Challenge
With your help, we will add a used surface lift on the lower West Side of the mountain, where one previously existed. The existing Learning Center will be reconfigured. We will also install a dedicated snowmaking loop using mostly existing infrastructure and improve the lighting on Lower Face, Blubber and Lower Ivory, all this summer & fall. This will reduce the acreage required to open from the current 25 acres to just 5 acres, meaning that we can open in 3 days of optimal temps, rather than the current 10 days it requires. This will allow us to get on snow earlier in the year and remain open throughout a terrible winter such as the one we just endured.

To accomplish this we need to raise $100,000 from the community by July 31st, 2016, in order to receive the (drumroll, please!) $200,000 Challenge Grant pledged by a pool of Whaleback supporters! Your $100,000 will cover the cost of the surface lift and installation; the $200,000 from the Challenge Grant will cover improvements to snowmaking, new lighting, required summer maintenance to the chairlift, needed machinery repairs, upkeep, operating expenses, etc.

That's right, 2:1 Match for Every Dollar of Your Gift
For every $1 you give, $2 will be released immediately from the Challenge Grant and put to work ensuring December skiing and riding. Your gift must arrive by June 30th to count toward the 2:1 Match, so don't delay! A $500 gift has $1,500 impact—wow!  Click and donate!

We will routinely keep everyone up to date with how the challenge is progressing.

Thank you, The UVSSF Board