Year 1 Report/Fundraising Needs


Please download the pdf of our fundraising report, which provides information on capital projects and operations to date. We are in the midst of a capital campaign to fund the installation of a much needed surface lift that will serve all levels of skiers and riders. We have other critical projects to fund too.

Click here to download our donation form or you can donate online.


Between now and October we have a number of high priority projects we would like to accomplish. Several of them must be started this summer; therefore, we have critical fundraising goals to achieve in the immediate future:   

  • Improve snowmaking:                               $300,000
  • Buy/install surface lift:                             $200,000
  • Improve Night Lighting:                            $105,000
  • Other improvements & equipment:            $150,000
  • Purchase 2nd Whaleback parcel:               $220,000

*Please note that these are estimates and subject to change. Our priority remains the on-snow experience of our guests.

Summary of Projects & Funding Needs

Snowmaking – $300,000. Existing equipment is old, some piping is broken such as the Ivory Line, and we’re in need of a new pump. To give our guests the best possible experience from day one of any season, we need to secure and improve our snowmaking so that we can generate a significant amount of snow quickly. Sometimes the windows (the right temperature for snowmaking) can be brief and we need to be able to take advantage of those windows.

Surface Lift – $200,000. A strategically located surface lift serves multiple purposes – from beginners to athletes looking to compete – and will make Whaleback a more desirable place. For beginners it will be ideal as a steppingstone to progress beyond our learning area and then to the chairlift. For athletes with limited timeframes for training (perhaps 2 hours after school), such a lift will provide an opportunity to get in far more “laps” or training runs than now possible. The cost on this project could be as low as $70,000, depending on what equipment is on the market. 

Night Lighting – $105,000. We do have some dark spots, which can be rectified with additional lights and by relocating others. Priorities are the more popular trails used by our guests, which are Spout, Boug, Scrimshaw, and Face, among a few others.

Other Improvements & Equipment – $150,000. We have identified more than $80,000 in lodge improvements and new equipment needs that would improve the lodge’s function and add to the safety and comfort of our guests. Lodge refurbishments include better insulation, replacement of doors and windows, improved lighting, railings, and a new coat of paint on the lower level. New equipment needs include a snowmobile for ski patrol and mountain operations, parts for our groomer, tower pads and radios.

Whaleback Parcel 2 – $220,000. This Parcel is at the north end of the main parcel. It includes the large garage and storage area, as well as the housing for our critical mountain operations managers who need to be close at hand. Currently, UVSSF is leasing this parcel but our desire is to own it outright as soon as possible.